Jean-Sébastien Pilczer is a member of the Paris Bar. Before becoming a lawyer, he pursued a multifaceted career combining advice and litigation at a high level of responsibility.

Education and training

Alumnus of the École nationale d’administration (ENA) and the École normale supérieure (Ulm), he is a graduate of the Institut d’Études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po).

Litigation activities

In the French and European courts, he held various positions on both sides of the bar.

On one side, he served as tax judge at the Administrative Courts of Paris and Versailles where he acted as judge-rapporteur and public rapporteur. Moreover he served as Legal Secretary at the General Court of the European Union.

On the other side, he represented France as its agent before the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union. In that capacity, he drafted the French Government’s written and oral submissions in more than 50 cases, several of which had major legal and budgetary implications (cases Accor, Santander Asset Management, concerning the tax on telecommunications operators or the financial transaction tax).

Advisory activities

In the Legal Affairs Directorate of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he was in charge of the examination of bilateral and multilateral tax treaties concluded by France for six years. He also advised the Minister’s Office and other branches of the Ministry on matters of European and international tax law. In continuation of this experience, he was appointed Legal Adviser to the French Secretary of State for European Affairs.

Teaching activities

Author of numerous articles, he taught public law at the Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) and the University Paris-Dauphine (Paris IX), as well as European business law at the University Panthéon-Assas (Paris II).