We defend your rights and interests in compliance with the deontological rules of independence, devotion and confidentiality.

Working together

To serve you in the best way possible, we work in close collaboration with you:

  • We listen carefully to you. Dialog lies at the core of our practice: we focus on knowing your activity, projects and expectations in order to work out the solutions best suited to your needs.
  • We rely on your involvement. The relevance of an advice and the forcefulness of a legal action rest as much on the force of the legal arguments as on the probative value of the documents that support them. Your role is key in collecting these documents.
  • You set the goals, we help you reach them. We identify the options available to you and weigh their respective opportunities and risks. On this basis, it is for you to choose the strategy you want us to apply.
Succeeding together
Transparency and anticipation

We analyse your file to assess its strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, we aim, on the one hand, to spare you the costs of useless proceedings and warn you of the risks to which you are exposed and, on the other hand, to enable you to evaluate your chances of success and take advantage of the opportunities that you have.

Rigor and pragmatism

We provide you with clear and precise analyses in support of reliable and concrete advice. We develop custom-made solutions to meet your challenges and devise, if needed, innovative solutions to face novel or unresolved issues.

Diplomacy and pugnacity

In the challenges you take up and the battles you fight, you can count on our diplomacy in negotiations as on our fighting spirit in litigations.

Availability and responsiveness

We answer your requests in all circumstances. We handle them in a timely manner according to their urgency and importance.