In accordance with our clients, we establish the methods for calculation and payment of fees, which are to be the subject of a written agreement. These fees are fixed according to three methods, which can be combined, on the basis of the customer’s needs and the nature of the file :

Fees based on the time spent

They are fixed on the basis of the time spent on the case and an hourly rate that depends, in particular, on the stakes and complexity of the file.

Flat-rate fees

They are globally determined in advance on the basis of an estimate of the time necessary to process the file. On request, a subscription can be taken out in case of recurrent services.

Success fees

They correspond to a percentage of the result obtained by negotiation or litigation. They supplement flat-rate fees or fees based on the time spent. Whenever possible, we favour this method of remuneration.

At the opening of a file, the payment of an advance may be asked to cover the cost of the first formalities and steps. As for the remainder, the payment of fees depends in principle on the mode of invoicing :

1. Fees based on the time spent are invoiced every month or quarter according to the volume of the services provided.
2. Flat-rate fees are to be paid by instalments according to a schedule established in advance.
3. Success fees are payable after the implementation of the settlement or the enforcement of the judgment.